The Strength

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The Strength - Tarot Card

The Strength card is represented by the number 8 and is associated with the astrological house of Leo. In Numerology the number 8 is linked to our ability to materialise our goals.

In the Strength card the woman is symbolic of the subconscious mind or our human spirit. She has achieved control over the Lion in a calm and gentle way rather than through force. She has channelled her inner strength and spiritual power in a positive way to tame this wild animal.

The woman is dressed in a white robe representing her purity of spirit. She has a crown of flowers on her head and around her waist. Roses represent desires that need to be cultivated before they can manifest. Above her head is the lemniscate, or infinity symbol, symbolising her wisdom and spiritual power over this World.

The 8 and the 0 are the only two numbers that can be written over and over without ending and represent divine power. The number 8 also represents material power.

Keywords: strength, courage, determination, self-awareness, compassion, maturity



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