Heart-Given Connection

I am delighted to share with you my spiritual knowledge and massage skills – a Heart-Given Connection

Numerology, Tarot, Akashic Record Readings & Massage Treatments

Hello and a warm welcome to my website.

Are you looking for an overall sense of Wellbeing?  Are you in need of a relaxing or remedial massage or are you in need of  clarity in your life with either a Numerology, Tarot or Akashic Record reading?

My consultations are intuitive, but full of practical advice too! My aim is to guide you and help you understand some of the challenges you may be experiencing. Empowering you to take the right steps forward. 

Let me help you transform the way you feel mentally, physically and spiritually…..a Heart-Given Connection



As a professional Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist – a healing and restorative touch is what I give to you!  

As a professional Numerologist, Tarot and Akashic Record Practitioner, I use these powerful metaphysical mediums to help you to understand yourself better and  to guide you through any challenges on  your journey – a Heart-Given Connection

Anna’s Background

I have worked in the Skincare Industry for many years, primarily for Liz Earle Beauty Company. I am also a professional Aromatherapist and Complementary Therapist specialising in Relaxing and Remedial Body Massage. I am a member of BackCare, a charity aimed at reducing the impact of back pain on society.  I treat many people who sit for long periods of time at their computer and suffer with lower back, shoulder and neck pain. I also work with hot stones that are wonderful for tired muscles and sometimes cool stones for deep tissue massage. I also offer the Natural Lift Facial, helping to tone the 43 facial muscles.  The Therapies page has more details.

In my childhood I embraced my religious upbringing; however, I have always had a strong spiritual side and a quest for knowledge.  I have read many thought provoking books and studied much, which has answered numerous questions and sometimes raised more!

I am a professional Numerologist and Tarot Reader.  Although my fascination with symbolism and numbers led me to initially study Numerology, I have always been drawn to the Tarot.

The sciences of Numerology and Tarot complement each other so perfectly that it is hard not to include concepts from each one in a chart or reading.   The Tarot, like Numerology, is an excellent tool to help clarify the energy around a situation, identify solutions and show the stepping stones that need to be taken to achieve your objectives.  I offer Numerology and Tarot readings either combined or as individual modalities.

Inspired by having a personal Akashic Record reading, I am now a trained Akashic Record practitioner, studying initially with Andrrea Hess and more recently studying the teachings of Linda Howe, Founder of the Centre for Akashic Studies.

An Akashic Record reading allows me to create a Profile for my client that highlights the Soul’s place of origin, Primary Energy Centre and Life Themes. The Akashic Records can also be used for healing and insight into how past lives may be impacting on this current life either positively or negatively. I often work with a client’s numerology chart too as I find it adds further clarity to a reading.

My life has had plenty of travel, change, plus many ups and some challenging downs! The loss of my partner in 2005 was a tough one, particularly as he chose to take his own life. Coming to terms with this shocking and sudden loss was life-changing to say the least; there is not an area of your life that isn’t affected. Time does heal and you learn to rebuild your life around your grief and find peace of mind!  In 2017, I did a Life Between Life reading, which was fascinating as I met my partner on a soul level. Working with my spirit guides I was able to understand the soul purpose of why this happened and what I was meant to learn from it. (I will write more about Life Between Life readings in my blog). The loss of my parents, (my mother in December 2014 and my father fifteen months later), although expected and nowhere near as traumatic as the above, left me feeling somewhat ungrounded as my family home went too.

On the positive side, having experienced these losses has given me enormous empathy with others going through loss and grief, particularly the overwhelming impact of sudden loss. I am by nature a positive person who is blessed with a wonderful network of caring friends, however I have taken help when needed. I have found spiritual guidance is invaluable and works best for me. I have trained as a Grief Counsellor and although I am not offering this service, I have found this training helpful in my work.    

So as you can see I have much I can share with you! I would be delighted to help and guide you on your journey in whatever way I can. I look forward to working with you; I promise it will be a positive and enlightening experience!