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Hello and a warm welcome to my website.

Are you looking for an overall sense of wellbeing?  Do  you need  a relaxing or remedial massage?  Or, do you need clarity in your life with either an Akashic Record, Numerology or Tarot reading?

Let me help you transform the way you feel mentally, physically and spiritually…..a Heart-Given Connection

As a professional Aromatherapist, Massage  and Reiki Therapist – a healing and restorative touch is what I give to you! ​

As a professional Numerologist, Akashic Record  and Tarot Practitioner, I use these powerful metaphysical mediums to help you to understand yourself better and to guide you through any challenges on your journey.  Empowering you to take the right steps forward – a Heart-Given Connection.



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Bananas are one of the most popular fruits and are an instant energy booster. Bananas are packed full of nutritional health benefits – healthy heart



“Don’t forget to Stretch as your back is hard at work even when you are relaxing!” With the current situation of having to stay indoors,