Aromatherapy works to improve our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, helping us to restore balance and harmony in our life.

Essential oils provide the basis for Aromatherapy, which literally means ‘treatment with aromas’.  Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses and as we breathe in the aromas from the essential oils, they can have a dramatic effect on the way we feel.

Massage is wonderfully relaxing and perfect for easing away the stress of everyday life.  So put the two together and you have a truly sensory and relaxing experience!

Heart-Given Connection Therapy

The benefits

  • A relaxing and pampering treat to restore balance and harmony.
  • Soothes away the tension in tired, aching muscles.
  • A sensory and mood-enhancing treat when the stresses of everyday life get too much!

How it works

Aromatherapy works via our sense of smell and through absorption.

Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses and has a dramatic effect on the way we feel.  Whenever we breathe in or inhale an aroma, our olfactory nerves sends messages to the limbic system in the brain.  This is responsible for controlling our moods and emotions and explains why the aromas from essential oils can have such a profound effect on the way we feel.

Aromatherapy also works through absorption through the skin.  The molecules in the essential oils are small enough to penetrate through the top layer of skin, the epidermis to the dermis and then to the bloodstream where they can be carried to all areas of the body via the blood vessels.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are far more than pleasant smelling perfume oils as they contain the active ingredients  or ‘essence’ of plants in a highly concentrated form.  Strictly speaking, the essence is what is produced by the plant, and it is only becomes an essential oil after distillation.

Essences are produced in the plant in highly specialised secretory cells.  These storage sacs or ducts may be found in the leaf, bark, flower petals, fruit rind or other parts of the plant.  Each root, leaf or flower oils have its own unique fragrance and characteristics.

Different essential oils can be distilled from different parts of the same plant, for example the bitter orange tree yields neroli essential oil from the flower, petitgrain from the leaves and twigs and orange oil from the fruit rind.

The oils have specific qualities many of them medicinal, and should be treated with care.   These qualities include:-

  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic,
  • Detoxifying, stimulant, tonic, relaxant, soothing, sedative. 
Heart-Given Connection Aromatherapy

Apart from a few exceptions, Essential oils should not be used neat on the skin but first dissolved in a carrier oil, alcohol or water.  They must never be taken internally unless under the guidance of a qualified therapist.

There are many essential oils available on the market, however it is advisable to purchase good quality essential oils from a reputable pharmacy, health store or via a qualified aromatherapist. 

Essential oils are highly versatile healers and can be used in many different ways:-

  • They can be diluted in a carrier oil for face and body massage
  • Aromatic baths – water itself has many therapeutic properties and when combined with essential oils, each enhances the potent effect of the other.
  • Placed in an essential oil burner to give off its aroma
  • Inhalations
  • Candle and Rollerballs
  • Used in a compress & In some cases even applied neat in small quantities on burns or scars.

How to book

Anna is available at the Island Wellness Spa in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight on 01983 766222 for available treatments.

Alternatively contact Anna on 07889 092346 for London appointments.