Facial Massage

Having worked in the Skincare Industry for many years and with my extensive therapy experience, I  have many skincare secrets and facial massage techniques that I can to share with you! I am happy to create a bespoke treatment that is tailored for your specific needs.

The benefits

  • Tones and helps tighten the skin and underlying muscles
  • Improves skin suppleness reduces expression lines and wrinkles
  • Releases any muscle tension in the face and jaw
  • Increases blood circulation, enabling capillaries to deliver nutrients more efficiently to the skin’s surface
  • Aids the removal of dead skin cells, revealing brighter skin
  • Improves lymphatic circulation, increasing the elimination of toxins
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Relieves stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain
  • Enhances mental and physical relaxation
  • Makes you look and feel wonderful – naturally!
Heart-Given Connection Aromatherapy
Heart-Given Connection Facial Massage

How it works

Our face can only too clearly show all the tensions and stress in our lives.  When we’re tired, unhappy, run down, stressed or ill it shows in our face.   A recent survey shows that periods of acute stress can age the skin by up to 35% in a year.  The culprit is cortisol, a ‘stress hormone’ produced when we are under stress.  It can inhibit cell renewal, leading to lines and wrinkles. Tense facial muscles can also cramp circulation, leaving skin looking pale and exhausted.

How to book

Anna is available at the Island Wellness Spa in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight on 01983 766222

www.islandwellnessclubspa.co.uk for available treatments.

Alternatively contact Anna on 07889 092346 for London appointments.