The Hermit

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Tarot - The Hermit

The Hermit card is represented by the number 9 and is associated with the astrological house of Virgo. In Numerology the number 9 is linked to our selflessness and compassion.

The Hermit is a symbol for timeless wisdom and spiritual mastery. He stands on top of the snow-capped mountain of attainment and has journeyed alone on a path of self-discovery and enlightment.

The Hermit holds a lantern that contains a six-pointed star. The light shines to guide him on his journey and as a beacon for those who are following him.

The Hermit has spent time in contemplation evaluating what serves him and what does not, and he is now ready to share his wisdom and knowledge with others.

In a tarot reading the Hermit card implies that you are on a journey of self-discovery. You are focussing your energy inwards as it is a time for soul-searching and contemplation. You are seeking truth and deeper meaning in your life. You may have had to take a break from your regular activities as you re-evaluate the way forward. It is the perfect time for a relaxing retreat or holiday.

Keywords : contemplation, time alone, mastery, enlightenment, journey of discovery.



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