The Chariot

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The Chariot Card - Tarot

The Chariot card is represented by the number 7 and is associated with the astrological house of Cancer. In Numerology the number 7 is linked to our intuition and insight.

Symbolically the charioteer is your intuitive, higher self, that is directing the chariot, your physical body. Although he appears to be driving the chariot he has no reins. It is mentally through will and determination that he directs the black and white sphinx that represent positive and negative forces.

Overhead is a starry canopy that indicates his connection to the celestial world. The charioteer wears armour with a square that indicates an orderly way of thinking. His eight-paneled skirt is decorated with talisman that represent the soul’s dominion over the material world.

Behind the chariot there is a river symbolic of the ebb and flow of life. Suggesting that by being in balance and harmony we can control the rhythm of our life as we move forward toward our goals.

In a tarot reading The Chariot Card represents mentally taking the reins by using your self-control and will power to overcome any obstacles and challenges, as you move forward in a positive direction to attain your goals. This card also represents, leaving behind any old patterns and beliefs that have hindered you thus far.

Keywords : willpower, perseverance, self-control, victory



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