The Appeal of Will Smith

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Will Smith, or Willard Carroll Smith II as he was originally named, was born in 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Newsweek has called “Will one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood” and he has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards and won four Grammy Awards. Will has recently been back on the big screen as the Genie in Aladdin directed by Guy Ritchie and produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

Will is also a talented rapper having started his career that way. As a charismatic and natural storyteller, Will is now a successful media personality and has his own YouTube channel where he has lots to say and share:- for example why he turned down the role of Neo in the Matrix, doing a bungee jump and jumping out of a helicopter.

Will Smith’s birthday is the 25th September 1968. I have looked at some of the key numbers in his chart.

34/7      24/6          68/13/4 (Life Path Number)

25    9    1+9+6+8

7             33/6

Will’s Birthday or Personality Number is a 25/7. For those following my posts, yes the same day as Elton John! A 25/7 can be quite a complex person who likes peace and harmony plus excitement and adventure too. The number 25/7 is learning to balance the communicative and adventuresome number 5 with the sensitive and intuitive numbers 2 and 7.

25/7 is a natural communicator and uses this skill in many different ways, often to help others. They are outgoing, adventuresome and have a natural charm. They like to live life to the full and thrive on change. They have the ability to make things happen and with their entreprenerial touch make it look effortless.

Will’s Shadow Personality Number is 7 (this is the birthday and birth month added together). Although not as strong as the birthday number, this number has an influence on your personality.

The number 7 is linked to our intuition and insight. There is a visionary and magical quality to this number – 7 seeks answers and possesses great inner wisdom. When working positively a 7 will ‘just go wıth the flow’ and trust that the right outcome will happen. They also listen to their own inner feelings rather than just blindly following the crowd. A 7 can be very perfectionist and sometimes it is hard for others to live up to their high ideals!

Will was born in September, a Number 9. The Number 9 is the humanitarian who ıs sympathetic and understanding. A Number 9 has a strong, dıscrımınatıng mınd and a desıre to make the world a better place. They love learning new things and developing their mind. They are happy to help others as they have a very caring side. People will be drawn to them for their knowledge and guidance – Will’s YouTube channel gives him that voice!

Will’s Life Path Number is 4 (yes the same as Elton again!). This is derived from the sum total of the birth chart and is one of the most important numbers in a chart. This number shows your true potential and what you can achieve in your lifetime. You will draw to you lessons, opportunities and experiences that you must learn or overcome that will help you on your path.

Those with a 4 Life Path are practical and down to earth people who like to build a solid foundation for their life. They have flair for putting order and structure into place, and with a very rational and methodical approach they can be relied on to get the job done! They work hard and are prepared to put in long hours to build a business or a career. Precise, tenacious and persevering, they have great potential for success.

Will also has the number 6 in his chart in key places. Friends, family, home are very, very important to a number 6 and they enjoy being part of a group and sharing ideas and working towards a common goal.

Will is certainly a man of action, I wonder what he does to relax??



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