What My Customers Are Saying

What a wonderful and insightful experience.  It is a surreal experience to have a stranger know so much about me!

I was amazed to hear Anna use word for word phrases that I use and or think. I felt a real sense of relief and felt many of my questions now had answers. I feel unburdened and very emotional by her Akashic and numerology readings.

It is now up to me how I use this information and that makes me feel like I have purpose and can feel more in control of my own destiny. Thank you

London (2019)

Akashic Record/Numerology Reading


“A whole body massage by Anna is an enjoyable experience which leaves me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Anna knows how to deal with those tight tense muscles which arise from the daily grind especially, in my case, the neck and shoulders.

Having the arms, legs and feet also included makes for a more satisfying and complete treatment.

Anna is great at selecting the essential oils which are suited to my needs on the day and the massage experience is enhanced by their exquisite fragrance. Anna’s massages are also accompanied by soothing music which allows you to drift away and relax as her skilled hands get to work.”



I had a numerology reading from Anna after a particularly turbulent time in my life and the insights it gave me were incredibly helpful.

It allowed me to understand myself better and also to see how my life is unfolding.

Anna is a lovely, friendly person who takes you through your numbers in a very calm and reassuring manner.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Heart-Given Connection. Thanks Anna!

James, Isle of Wight, 2019

Numerology  Reading

“Anna’s reading for me was extremely insightful. My personality was summed up beautifully, and although I now feel I have manifested the positive aspects of it, in my younger years I can relate to the negative aspects mentioned.

My Life lesson number/s were amazingly accurate and linked not only with my career as a teacher and therapist but also with my soul/akashic record reading.

What I found really fascinating was the difference that changing my name made. Although I have only shortened my first name, this has made a significant difference and one that I can totally resonate with.

I would suggest that it would be very beneficial for anyone who feels in need, not only of guidance, but who is contemplating a name change. The numbers involved in changing your name could have a significant impact on how you interact with your surroundings and your view of the world.”


Numerology/ Akashic Record Reading

Anna has a very down to earth and practical nature, which really comes through in the way she works. I loved the readings, and was blown away with the written analysis which incorporated Akasha and numerology details. It was incredibly detailed, and I must add very good value for money in my opinion. On top of the written report I was also given a session to go through and integrate all the findings.

I would recommend Anna to my friends in a heartbeat.  She has clearly walked the path and understands many of the difficulties of the human condition. She is intuitive, informed and I really enjoyed our work together.  Most importantly the readings helped me on my path and the challenges I was facing. Numerology and akasha readings are amazing, and so is Anna!  

London, 2019

Akashic Record / Numerology Reading

Thank you so much for my numerology chart and consultation.

It is uncannily accurate in so many ways.  I can definitely see “myself” in the definitions.

But something very profound popped up in my Shadow Personality Number, which I have never discussed with anyone, but you have recognised as a challenge: “There can be a very cautious and fearful side to you that literally stops you doing things”   This is so true, but now I think I will be able to face up to those feelings and find a way to work through.

Thank you so much.

Sue (2019)

Numerology Reading

Initially I asked Anna to do both a Numerology and Akashic reading for me mainly out of curiosity.  What I received was something that touched a chord within me and, if I’m honest, started knitting my life back together again. 

I wasn’t expecting to receive such an insight into ‘me’, with her words resonating with things I already knew and showing me things I knew instinctively to be true, but had just not seen or understood.

The readings have given me a touch-stone, a solid point from which to begin to move forward.

Suffolk, 2019

Akashic Record/Numerology Reading

I recently had a Numerology and Akashic Record  Reading  with Anna.  Wow, what can I say, it was amazing and very informative.

The Numerology reading was really interesting and explained  how I am as a person and how I can grow. Anna was more than willing to answer and explain anything I was unsure about.

The Akashic Record Reading was also amazing and  I was truly touched with the information Anna gave me. Before the reading Anna asked me to let her have some specific questions for The Guides –  the answers I received were very comforting and explained a past life.

I would highly recommend a Numerology and Akashic Record  Reading with Anna, it will definitely be a game changer in the direction you take on your life’s path!

Isle of Wight, 2020

Akashic Record/Numerology Reading

Thank you so much for the amazing readings.

I felt that I deeply connected with both the Numerology and Akashic readings you gave me. It has really helped me focus my attention on the things that are important to me and reminded me of passions I had as a child that I had forgotten about.

Thanks so much.

Amanda 2020

Akashic/Numerology Reading




I was initially attracted to Anna’s web site as she was totally up front with her costs and what would be provided- I liked the honesty.  Anna did a Numerology and Akashic reading for me. At all times Anna was professional and caring.

The reports came within the time limit specified by Anna. These were revealing and true, they resonated with me on a soul/spiritual level-so much so I cried when I had finished  the Akashic reading.

 The reports were followed up with a phone call and further discussion of the content of both the readings/reports. It was amazing how they both linked into each other. I felt like Anna knew me.

Anna went further and gave me several meditations’ to do following our conversation on the phone. I cannot thank her enough for the insight she has enabled me to have. 

Cambridgeshire,  2020

Akashic/Numerology Reading

“I had my first Akashic Record and Numerology reading with Anna – the reading was fascinating, insightful and very professionally delivered.  The follow-up call was really helpful and Anna was excellent at answering my questions. A great service and well worth the money.”


Akashic Record Reading

“I found the Akashic Record and Numerology Readings to be incredibly insightful and enlightening.  I felt like Anna was able to tap into my soul and bring to light things that I was unconsciously ‘aware’ of. 

The Numerology aspect added another dimension which is often overlooked – it is rare to find someone who can use different resources/tools to shed light onto your purpose.

Anna’s report and reading session was detailed and clear, and I found her approach to be warm, understanding and honest.  I highly recommend a reading with Anna and would have no hesitation going back to her if I chose to have further readings.”

PR, London

Akashic Record/Numerology Reading