My introduction to numerology was when I had my own chart explained to me. I found the subject so fascinating that I decided to study it in more detail and enrolled with Claudine Aegerter who established the Connaissance School of Numerology.

I often use Numerology with my Akashic Record Readings as it adds another dimension to understanding your Life’s Purpose.

Numbers hold a special place in our lives – our birthday, anniversaries and the numbers we consider to be personally lucky.  By identifying and interpreting their hidden meaning and symbolism we can gain considerable insight into the influence they exert in our live and those around us. 

A numerology chart is created by analysing the date of birth for a person (name numbers can be analysed too).  Every number has an energy it vibrates to; with understanding of your personal numbers, you can gain insight into your own unique energy or vibration.

There is a common belief that we “are one number” which is often found by adding up the whole birth date.  I believe more can be discovered by taking the whole chart into consideration as we are complex individuals and cannot be defined by just one number!

Every number has a positive side to it and a more challenging side to it too.  You are not necessarily going to have all the positive or negative traits of each number but at different times in your life you may work with both aspects.

The Benefits

  • Numerology is an empowering tool as it can help clarify your life’s purpose and show you the path you could walk!
  • Understanding the specific qualities of the numbers gives you the knowledge and vision to truly know your personality and behavioural patterns.
  • Numerology can show you the Karmic or more challenging numbers you may be working with this lifetime, and with understanding, use them to uplift and transform.
  • We can look at the key relationships in your life – partner, family, work colleagues. We can explore why you get on better with some people and why others bring out the worst in you!
  • If you have reached a crossroads in your life, or have major decisions to make, Numerology can you show you the cycles you are in and help you deal with change in a way that will empower your life and give you clear purpose.
  • We can look at the major events in your life. Sometimes we keep repeating the same experiences. Numerology can help you understand these challenges and show you how they can be used as stepping stones for positive growth.

In the competitive business world, Numerology can be a powerful and transforming tool that can be used in a variety of ways:-

  • To look at the energy ‘around the company name’.
  • To clarify the right time for new ventures and launches.
  • As a tool to assist with recruitment.
  • As a ‘different’ concept for team building.

Personal Year Cycle

We live our life in nine year cycles that begin at birth and progress throughout our life. When a 9 year cycle is complete we start a new cycle. Each cycle has its own opportunities and lessons to be learned.

Your Personal Year number for any given year is based on adding your:-


For example : 4th October

Birthday is 4

Month is 10

Year 2020 is 2 + 2 = 4

Now add together : 4 + 10 + 4 = 18

Always reduce to a single digit number.

1 + 8 = 9 Personal Year is a 9



Be ready for major changes, new beginnings and opportunities


Harmony, balance, personal relationships


Creativity, self-expression, personal growth


Building foundations, practical matters, work


Change, travel, new direction


Family, friends, community, responsibility, harmony


Self-analysis, reflection, time to rest, intuition


Back in the world, business, the material world


Ending and new beginnings, completion

History of Numerology

Numerology is the study of the art or science of Numbers and the influence Numbers have on our lives. From a philosophic point of view: – Numbers represent ‘qualities’ and figures represent ‘quantities’.

The roots of numerology can be traced back thousands of years as people have always been looking at ways to bring deeper meaning to their lives. However, we owe much of our spiritual and scientific understanding of numbers to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras who lived between 582 and 507 BC. Pythagoras was a remarkable man or avatar.

Pythagoras established his School Of Mysteries in Italy when he was 52 years old, where his students were taught the foundations of arithmetic, music, astronomy, geometry and esoteric knowledge, which included the secrets of number and vibration.

Pythagoras is credited as being The Father of Numerical Analysis, or Numerology. He believed that the key to the universe was concealed in the science of numbers and that everything in the universe evolved in cycles; his means of measuring these cycles were the numbers 1-9.   Every number above that ultimately reduces to one of these digits, for example 17/8 or 25/7.  Although we primarily work with the single digits the full number has its own specific energy and it is important to see where the single digit has come from, for example 35/8 is quite different from a 53/8.

1 is linked to our physical existence and personal behaviour

1 is the most independent and individualistic of all the numbers, it is the pioneer seeking out life’s experience.  Self-assured, assertive and dynamic the 1 has great flair, originality and creativity. 1 is the leader and entrepreneur who is focused and has a strong desire to achieve its goals.  1 likes to be first and best at what it does.

Expression: Mental (intellect)

Positive Attributes: independent, competitive, self-assured, assertive, ambitious, leadership

Negative Attributes: arrogant, selfish, proud, egotistical, over-bearing, antagonistic

2 is linked to our emotions and emotional relationships

2 represents the feminine energy – the Yin. 2 is the most gentle of all numbers.  2 seeks harmony and union. 2’s maternal patient and sensitive characteristics cause it to place others first. 2 has the gift of balance and likes to relate to others through the emotions.  Tactful and diplomatic the 2 makes the perfect mediator, go-between or peacemaker. 2 has a pronounced sense of rhythm and harmony and music appeals to its sensitive nature.

Expression: Emotional (sensitivity and feeling)

Positive Attributes: sensitive, receptive, caring, adaptable, tactful, harmonious

Negative Attributes: over-sensitive, timed, indecisive, fearful, unbalanced

3 is linked to our creative self-expression

3 has the gift of optimism and fun and is the most playful of all numbers.  3 loves life and the joy of social contact.  3 is the extrovert whose personal magnetism draws others to them, and inspires them to expand and grow.  3 is the performer who possesses an innate appreciation of pleasure, romance, art and beauty.  3 is friendly and expansive, thriving on sociability and variety.  If any number could be called happy-go-lucky it is the 3.

Expression: Emotional (imaginative, creative, uplifting)

Positive Attributes: sociable, optimistic, creative, artistic, imaginative

Negative Attributes: superficial, extravagant, self-indulgent, indecısive, scattering energy

4 is linked to our self-discipline and career

4 is the most practical of numbers.  4 is the worker or ‘builder’ who puts form and structure into life.  4 represents security and stability, it is the salt of the earth type who realises the implications of a sound basis with which to build the future on. 4 is nature and relates to the earth; the formation of the earth took place on the fourth day in the story of creation. 4 has a practical nature and loves nothing better than to use its organisational skills to create order out of chaos.

Expression: Physical (the worker, builder)

Positive Attributes: methodical, practical, grounded, structured, self-disciplined

Negative Attributes: stubborn, rigid, dislikes change, inflexible, un-cooperative

5 is linked to our communicative skills and ability to adapt and change

5 is the most dynamic of all numbers.  5 has the gift of clarity of thought and the need to communicate.  Versatile, clever, adaptable and very creative 5 will actively pursue its goals.  Travel, change and adventure are important to a 5 and it loathes monotony and routine.  5 enjoys mental stimulation and its scientific mind likes to seek out the facts.  5 radiates magnetism and draws people to it. 5 is committed to living life to the full.

Expression: Physical (intense curiosity, understanding, scientific mind)

Positive Attributes: versatile, curious, freedom-loving, sensual, adventurous

Negative Attributes: impatient, inconsistent, headstrong, unpredictable, changeable

6 is linked to our sense of responsibility and harmony

6  is the most loving of all numbers.  6 desires to bring balance, justice and harmony into its environment. 6 needs to feel it belongs and may be part of many groups. 6 has a generous heart and family and friends are extremely important.  6 is very perceptive and compassionate and with its understanding and listening abilities 6 can be a very effective teacher, healer or counsellor. 6 takes its responsibilities very seriously and will show great devotion to the causes it takes up.  6 can be very gifted in the arts.

Expression: Emotional  (Responsibility, Sensitivity, Heartfelt)

Positive Attributes: loving, compassionate, responsible, loyal, artistic, truthful

Negative Attrıbutes: interfering, unreasonable, stubborn, suspicious, takes on too much

7 is linked to our intuition and insight

7 is the most spiritual of all numbers.  7 seeks answers and possesses great inner wisdom.  7 is attracted to the mystical side of life and is very perceptive with an understanding of human nature.  7 is very individualistic and can be very determined. 7 is happy to spend time alone and enjoys being in touch with nature.  7 is considered to be the most sacred number and in ancient times a child born under the number 7 was placed in the temple to become a priest or priestess.

Expression:  Intuition (Spiritual Development)

Positive Attributes: intuitive, analytical, inspirational, mystical, visionary

Negative Attrıbutes: worrier, over-analytical, too sensitive, introspective

8 is linked to our ability to materialise our goals

8  has the ambition and power to achieve its goals. 8 possesses strength of character, stamina and courage and is not frightened of hard work.  Failure is not acceptable to an 8 and only encourages the desire to succeed. 8 has great affinity with the business world and is not daunted by thinking ‘big’.  With shrewd judgement, perseverance and the drive to overcome all obstacles 8 will ultimately achieve recognition, power and remuneration in the material world.

Expression: The Intellect (Mental) Cleverness

Positive Attributes: ambitious, busıiness-minded, structured, successful, achievement

Negative Attributes: materialistıc, dominating, manipulative, intolerant, workaholic

9 is linked to selflessness and compassion

9 is the most humanitarian of all numbers. 9  is sympathetic and understanding.  9 desires to make the world a better place and is ready to share its knowledge and wisdom with others. Selfless and compassionate and with an encompassing love for all, 9 will be happy to utilise its caring skills.  9 possesses a strong discriminating mind and has a down-to-earth approach to life.  People are drawn to the 9 for their wisdom and guidance.

Expression:  Intuitive (Sensitivity, Serves others rather than self)

Positive Attributes: compassionate, selfless service, unconditional love, humanitarian

Negative Attributes: inferiority complex, moody, interfering, high ideals

Master Numbers: 11, 22, 33

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 also require special attention and are known as the Master Numbers.  Master Numbers accentuate the meanings of the single digits. They are called Master Numbers because they possess the potential to achieve more but may have to do more to reach their goal. The Masters Numbers are powerful numbers that require maturity and effort to integrate into one’s personality.

If a person is living to his or her highest potential they would express the qualities of the master number; otherwise they revert back to the single digit – 22 or 4 for example.  Most people  are not able to live up to the highest potential all the time and generally their energy dips between the higher and lower numbers.

Numerology Heart Given Connection

The importance of your Name and Birth Date:

The Name:
What is more personal to us than our Name? Your name is a form of identification in whatever culture you live.

The name that appears on your birth certificate is considered your “Name at Birth” and no matter how many times this is changed it remains at the foundation.

In business, choosing the name of your company is important as this is the energy that your business is expressing!  On a personal note, if you change your name, look carefully at the energy that name is expressing!

The Birth Date:
While a name may change your birth date is a constant.  These numbers represent important influences in our life and hold an enormous amount of information that is broken down and analysed when creating a numerology chart.

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