Understanding the Master Number 22/4

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Master Number 22

Understanding the Master Number 22/4

If you have the The Master Numbers 11, 22, & 33 in your birthchart this means that you have chosen to handle more choices and responsibilities in your life. However, the Master Numbers can be challenging and require great wisdom and maturity to work effectively with them.

A 22/4 is known as the Master Builder and those with this number have great potential to achieve their goals and bring something of value to the world. This master number has the energy of the double 2 and the 4. For the majority of people the number 22/4 fluctuates between the numbers 22 and 4 as its hıgh vibration is difficult to use without emotional and mental maturity.

Hardworking and very caring a 22/4 will work hard to materialise their dreams in a logical and practical way. Those with a 22/4 have a great deal of wisdom and are realistic about the goals they set themselves. Taking their responsibilities seriously, they can be relied on to get the job done efficiently. They are also good at encouraging others to achieve their goals!

A 22/4 has strong instincts; it is the philanthropist whose fortune is gained from material achievement and is used to build a better world. A 22 has the power to achieve much but may need to do more to achieve it.

A 22/4 is a caring person who likes harmony in their life. Their home is important as they like to have solid roots and a place of sanctuary. A 22/4 has a very giving nature and likes to share their life experiences and wisdom with others. They are a good listener and have enormous empathy with people and enjoy doing things that can benefit others.

Romantically a 22/4 is very choosy and will want to find that special partner that they can share their life with. They are very intuitive and will have strong instincts about who is right for them. A 22/4 is loyal in love and will without question want a partner who has the same values.

Challenges: There is a karmic element to this number where in the past a 22/4 may have refused their gifts. This lifetime they need to use their gifts wisely and become practical and reliable, otherwise people and situations slip through your fingers.

A 22/4 may find it hard to ground their visions. They can be unrealistic in their expectations and at times not willing to work hard to achieve them. Or alternatively, they may be a workaholic and drive themselves very hard to achieve material success.
With the double 2 there can be enormous sensitivity. A 22/4 may find it hard to express their emotions directly and can be controlling and manipulative to get their own way. Learning to give and receive is something a 22/4 may have to learn.



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