The Importance of your Name!

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Heart-Given Connection
What is more personal to us than our Name? Your name is a form of identification in whatever culture you live. In a Numerology reading the name that appears on your birth certificate is considered your “Name at Birth”. No matter how many times you change your name, this vibration remains a key influence.

If you change your name or you are deciding on a name for your business, look carefully at the energy that name is expressing!

In Numerology each letter has a numerical value. Here is an example showing you how to work out your name numbers.
8 is linked to our success and our ability to materialise our goals.

8 has the ambition and power to achieve its goals. With strength of character, stamina and courage an 8 is not frightened of hard work. 8 has great affinity with the business world and is not daunted by thinking ‘big’. With shrewd judgement, perseverance and the drive to overcome all obstacles 8 will ultimately achieve recognition, power and remuneration in the material world.


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