The Appeal of Simon Reeve

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Simon Alan Reeve is an adventurous television presenter well known for his insightful and often ‘hard hitting’ travel documentaries. Simon’s travels have taken him all over the world, sometimes to the most perilous and remote places that many of us have never heard of!

Simon is passionate about his work and in his own words likes to show the ‘light and shade’ of a place, although he is keen to emphasise there is far more light in the world than darkness! He has witnessed firsthand the devastating effects environmental damage is having on our planet – he is an ambassador for the MCS Plastic Challenge to help encourage people to reduce their use of plastic.

He is also a best-selling author. Whilst working as an investigative writer he began studying the 1993 World Trade Center bombing which formed the basis for his book The New Jackals. This was the first book on Osama Bin Laden and warned al-Qaeda was planning huge attacks on the West. After 9/11 it became an international bestseller that has been translated into over 20 languages. He has also written One Day in September, Tropic of Capricorn and Step by Step, an inspiring memoir of his life and travels.

Simon has received a One World Broadcasting Trust Award for “an outstanding contribution to greater world understanding” and the prestigious Ness Award from the Royal Geographical Society.

Simon’s five-star theatre tour, that highlights tales from his 15 years of travel, began in 2018 and due to huge public demand has been extended into 2020. I recently attended his talk in Cambridge and it was interesting hearing this intrepid adventurer talk with such passion and knowledge about our diverse World.
Simon’s birthday is the 21st July 1972. I have looked at some of the key numbers in his chart.

28/10/1               19/10/1                    
21           7            1972            
3                            28/10/1

Life Path Number: 47/11/2

Simon’s Birthday or Personality Number is a 21/3. We will start by looking at the Number 3. 3 is a natural communicator that is very expressive and entertaining with words. They are sociable, charming and possess a good sense of humour.

They have an adventuresome personality and like to live life to the full. They love to travel and meeting new people inspires them. In the Tarot the Number 21 is represented by The World card – very apt!!

Simon’s Shadow Personality Number is 10/1 (this is the birthday and birth month added together). Although not as strong as the birthday number, this number has an influence on your personality.

We will start by looking at the qualities of the number 1. 1 is the independent pioneer seeking out life’s experience and discovering its own talents. The number 10/1 has great wisdom and courage, and understands that it takes time and effort to achieve their goals; often leadership positions are open to them as they have a talent for influencing people and they like to lead by example.

Simon was born in July, a Number 7. 7 is a seeker of knowledge and has a very analytical and enquiring mind – they are the person that is always asking “why” so make the perfect researcher! They also love to share their wisdom and experiences to help others.

Your month of birth can be a big influence in your formative years. Simon has been very open about his troubled teenage years. The challenge of a number 7 is that it can be incredibly sensitive and may suffer with lack of self-worth and feelings of insecurity. Thankfully he was able to overcome his issues.

Simon’s Life Path is the Master Number 11/2. The Life Path Number is derived from the sum total of the birth chart and is one of the most important numbers in a chart. This number shows your true potential and what you can achieve in your lifetime. You will draw to you lessons, opportunities and experiences that you must learn or overcome that will help you on your path. The Master Numbers numbers, 11, 22 and 33 have the power to achieve more in life but may need to do more to reach its goals!

An 11/2 has a powerful presence. They are balancing the gentle and empathetic qualities of the 2 with the demands of the Master Number 11. An 11/2 can be very inspirational and a catalyst for change. Their role is share their particular mission with us in some way. I think Simon is doing this very well – he is certainly showing us the world in all its glory and also the less glorious, where the devasting consequences of war, poverty and environmental issues dominate.

After the Americas where next for this adventurer…………..



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