The Appeal of Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe Numerology Reading

Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jeane Mortenson as she was originally named, was born in 1926 in Los Angeles. Marilyn’s life has been well documented and hundreds of books have been written about her. She has also been the subject of many films, plays and songs. Marilyn appears on Smithsonian Magazine’s list of “100 Most Significant Americans of All Time”.

Marilyn’s popularity has never faded and she is still revered as one of the most iconic Hollywood stars; she certainly was one of the most photographed! She is also remembered for her troubled life – her unstable childhood, her struggle for professional respect, her well publicised relationships, her unexpected death at the age of 36 that has prompted numerous conspiracy theories.

Marilyn’s screen persona as the “sexually attractive, blonde bombshell” was a common theme in her films and she became typecast in this role. This later became an obstacle for her as many believed this was her true personality. She studied method acting and set up her own production company to change her public image and obtain other roles. Although Marilyn’s education had been basic, she was smart and she was an accomplished comedy actress. Marilyn had to be tough to survive as an actress in Hollywood in the 1950’s. In 1999, Christie’s auctioned off nearly 400 books from Marilyn’s personal library, a collection of classics ranging from Proust to Hemingway, which reflected her eclectic taste.

Marilyn Monroe’s birthday is the 1st June 1926. I have looked at some of the key numbers in her chart.

7                     18/9      25/ 7 (Life Path Number)

1         6          1+9+2+6

7                      27/9

Marilyn’s Birthday or Personality Number is a 1. Independent, self-assured and confident a Number 1 is being asked to develop their unique personality. A 1 is always seekıng new experiences and opportunities. With their fine, creative mind there are many paths a Number 1 can follow to express themselves.

A Number 1 has a strong desire to be first and best at all they do and with their pioneering instinct and assertiveness they often achieve both! Sometimes their ego can make them appear arrogant, selfısh and uncaring. At other times, a Number 1 may doubt their own talents and potential and feel they are not worthy or good enough.

As a fun and dynamic person, a Number 1 needs a partner who is also a strong individual and able to cope with a 1’s desire for independence balanced with togetherness.

Marilyn was born in June, a Number 6. The Number 6 is linked to our sense of responsibility and harmony. A 6 is a very sensuous person who appreciates quality and the finer things in life. 6 has an appreciation of beauty and may be gifted musically or artistically. A need to belong is important to a Number 6 and a close partner, home, family and friends are very important to them.

Marilyn’s Life Path Number is 7. This is derived from the sum total of the birth chart and is one of the most important numbers in a chart. This number shows your true potential and what you can achieve in your lifetime. You will draw to your lessons, opportunities and experiences that you must learn or overcome that will help you on your path.

7 as a Life Path Number – The Number 7 is linked to our intuition and insight. 7 is the dreamer and philosopher who has a very strong, creative mind and this is what they have to develop. Highly intuitive and with an analytical nature, there is a magical quality about this number; when they focus and apply their positive energy they are able to materialise their goals.

At times, a Number 7 may be an enigma to themselves and others. They enjoy their privacy and having time to themselves, although they dislike being lonely. At other times, they can be very charming and sociable and enjoy being the life and soul of the party.

A Number 7 enjoys researching a subject and likes to read, think, meditate and delve into the mysteries of life. Alternatively they can over analyse and cause themselves unnecessary pressure.

Marilyn also has the number 7 as a Shadow personality number (her birthday and month added together) so this was an important number for her.

Marilyn’s story still holds fascination for many and although she is long gone, her legend survives and many try to replicate her unique allure.



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