The Appeal of Harry Styles

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Harry Styles Numerology Reading

Harry Edward Styles is an English singer, songwriter and actor. Harry began his career in 2010 when he took part in The X Factor. He originally auditioned as a solo artist but continued in the show as a member of the group One Direction. Finishing third they were promptly signed by Simon Cowell to Syco Records and the rest is history!

One Direction became the first UK group to have their first four albums debut at number one in the Billboard 200 album chart. In 2015 the band took a break after completing their fifth album. One Direction achieved numerous awards – 7 Brit Awards, 7 American Music Awards to name a few!

Harry has achieved continued success as a solo artist – his first solo single “Sign of the Times (April 2017) reached number one in the UK Singles chart and his debut album (May 2017) was well received and achieved number one in the UK, USA and Australia. He subsequently went on his first solo tour across the world.

Harry’s second album “Fine Line” was released in October 2019 and broke the record for the biggest sales debut from an English male artist in the US. At the recent Brit Awards, Harry was nominated for the British Male Solo Artist and British Album of the Year. Harry has a busy year ahead with a tour scheduled throughout 2020.

In July 2017, Harry made his successful acting debut as British soldier, Alex, in Christopher Nolan’s war film, Dunkirk. He starred alongside renowned actors such as, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy. He also featured in a one-hour television special presented by Nick Grimshaw “Harry Styles at the BBC” and he has guest hosted The Late Late Show with James Cordon. Harry is also an executive producer for the CBS sitcom Happy Together.

It has been interesting watching Harry’s style change over the years – certainly more ‘flamboyant and cool’ these days! In 2018, he was voted fourth by British GQ on their “50 best-dressed men list” and he has modelled for the luxury Italian brand, Gucci. In May 2019, he was named second on the Sunday Times Rich List of musicians under 30, with an estimated net worth of £58 million.

Harry’s birthday is 1st February 1994. I have looked at some of the key numbers in his chart.

3                     23/5      26/ 8 (Life Path Number)

1         2          1994

3                      32/5

Harry’s Birthday or Personality Number is a 1. With a 1 influencing your personality you are independent, self-assured and confident and you are here to develop your unique personality. You are a natural leader and are always seeking new experiences and opportunities.

You possess endless amounts of physical and mental energy and can be very focussed once you have decided on a course of action. You enjoy learning and the intellectual side of you is always looking for ways to develop your own creativity. There are many paths that you can follow to express yourself.

Harry’s Shadow Personality Number is 3 (this is the birthday and birth month added together). Although not as strong as the birthday number, this number has an influence on your personality.

A 3 has the need for creative self-expression. Sociable and joyful, 3’s friendly and fun-loving personality loves to entertain others. Their personal charm and magnetism will draw others to them and they often have many social contacts and admirers. Harry has been romantically linked with a number of high profile people! 3 can have an ability to communicate ideas and also a talent with words expressed through either: speaking, writing or singing. A 3 also has an innate appreciation of romance, art and beauty.

Harry was born in February, a Number 2. The month of birth can be a big influence in your formative years. A 2 has the gift of balance and harmony and likes to relate to people by expressing how they feel. The sensitive and gentle characteristics of a number 2 gives them enormous empathy with others. A 2 is a good listener and has the ability to ‘sense’ and ‘feel’ what people need. “Treat People With Kindness” is a slogan Harry has used on merchandise since his first tour and profits from these sales have gone to charity.

Harry’s Life Path is the Number 8. The Life Path Number is derived from the sum total of the birth chart and is one of the most important numbers in a chart, akin to the Sun Sign in Astrology. This number shows your true potential and what you can achieve in your lifetime. You will draw to you lessons, opportunities and experiences that you must learn or overcome that will help you on your path.

8 is the number of power, ambition and the material world. An 8 is learning to handle power, authority and financial success, which can be challenging as they need to stay grounded and not let success go to their head.

8 is prepared to work hard for success and has the tenacity to build a successful career or business as it is very practical. 8 is also good at inspiring and empowering others to achieve their full potential.

Harry has certainly achieved much in the last decade and he is only just 26!



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