The Appeal of Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie Numerology Reading

Angelina Jolie Voight was born in 1975 in Los Angeles, California. The Academy and Golden Globe award-winning actress and filmmaker has been cited as one of the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry.

Angelina is also well known for her humanitarian work and has received many honours in this respect. She has been involved with work on conservation, education and women’s rights and she is a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Angelina writes for TIME magazine as a Contributing Editor – her writing focuses primarily on topics that draw on her eighteen years experience of working with the United Nations.

Strong, independent and prepared to walk her truth, Angelina says in an article with Elle magazine in 2019 – “Had I lived in earlier times, I could have been burnt at the stake many times over for simply being myself.”

She has six children (3 adopted internationally) with ex-husband Brad Pitt. She returned to the big screen last year in Walt Disney Picture’s sequel Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Angelina’s birthday is the 4th June 1975.. I have looked at some of the key numbers in her chart.
10/1             22/4              

4          6       1+9+7+5

10/1              31/4

Life Path Number: 32/5

Angelina’s Birthday or Personality Number is a 4. The Number 4 represents order and stability. A number 4 understands the importance of having firm foundations with which to build their plans on and they can be relied on for their honesty and sense of responsibility. With a very practical and determined approach to life and as someone who handles their finances well, they will materialise their goals through hard work.

Number 4 loves nothing better than to use its organisational skills to create order out of chaos and will make their decisions based on sound judgement, as they like to see visible results for their efforts. A number 4 is a very loyal person, particularly to those close to them; their friends know they can depend on them at all times.

Angelina’s Shadow Personality Number is 10/1 (this is the birthday and birth month added together). Although not as strong as the birthday number, this number has an influence on your personality.

We will start by looking at the qualities of the number 1. 1 is the independent pioneer seeking out life’s experience and discovering its own ability. The number 10/1 is a wise person who has great wisdom and courage. A 10/1 has a vision and knows how to get things done; often leadership positions are open to them as they have a talent for influencing people and will lead by example.

Angelina was born in June, a Number 6. The Number 6 is linked to our sense of responsibility and harmony. 6 is a natural home-make and home is their sanctuary. A close partner, famıly and friends are also very ımportant to a 6. Because of their generous heart and kındness, they have many friends and enjoy working as part of a group towards a common goal.

A 6 has a strong sense of responsibility and fairness and is someone who can be depended on to meet their oblıgatıons. Although they like peace, truth and justıce they wıll fight passionately for their beliefs. A 6 desires to bring justice and harmony to its environment.

Angelina’s Life Path Number is 5. This number is derived from the sum total of the birth chart and is one of the most important numbers in a chart. This number shows your true potential and what you can achieve in your lifetime. You will draw to you lessons, opportunities and experiences that you must learn or overcome that will help you on your path.

Someone with a 5 Life Path loves travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people. They dislike monotony and enjoy being involved with many projects at the same time. They have a strong desire for knowledge, and enjoy discovering answers to their many questions. They are often witty and interesting conversationalists and they can be very charming and charismatic company.

Angelina has the Master Number 22/4 as her Place in the World Number. The 22/4 is known as the Master Builder and there is great potential to achieve your goals and bring something of value to the world. They have strong instincts and listen closely to these in everything they do. They are the philanthropist whose fortune is gained from material achievement and is used to build a better world. A 22 has the power to achieve more but may need to do more to achieve it.

A busy, beautiful and admirable lady!



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